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IBC is a leader in the high volume production of oscillated narrow gauge copper strip. IBC's proprietary rolling process is the most efficient in this industry segment. Our continuous traverse-wound coils provide up to 4500 lbs (100,000 ft) of continuous strip length with no welds. The end product is clean and precise strip that can dramatically enhance your productivity. Let us know your application, and we will work with you to engineer a solution that is efficient and cost effective.


  • Cladding
  • Commutators
  • Press parts
  • Washers
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Electrical Stamped Parts


  • No Welds
  • Increased Machine Up Time
  • Less Scrap
  • Less Material Handling


IBC's Capabilities
Copper Alloys
Tempers Any Temper upon request
Copper Types Other Copper Alloys Available and
.375" to 1.25" -Tolerance +/- .003
Thickness .007" to .040" - Tolerance +/- .00075
Per customer request (Square, Round,Custom)

Oscillated Coil Specifications
Inside Diameter 16"
Outside   Diameter 36"
Coil Width 3" to 16"
Coil Weight 400 to 4500 Lbs.
Packaging Flexible. Per customer spec
Other One Continuous length of strip without welds
or burrs


For those who have run nothing but "pancake" coils, we can set you up with payoffs. We can lend, lease or sell them to you. No matter what your objective, we can provide you with payoff options that will allow you to see the immediate bottom-line advantage of our strip package.
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