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  Maximize your finning productivity with IBC's high capacity oscillated coils of continuous, no-weld aluminum fin stock  and copper fin stock. Oscillated coils are wound like a spool of thread and offer seven to ten times more fin stock per coil than conventional slit pancake coils. Finning machine up-time is dramatically increased by reducing the number of coil changes and re-threads.

Benefits of Oscillated Coils:

  • Finning productivity increases due to reduced coil changes and rethreads.
  • Fin material has smooth edges without burrs (Rolled instead of slit)
  • Eliminates worker injuries related to lifting and hand loading slit pancake coils
  • Only one operator required to change coils
  • Compact packaging for efficient storage. (racking system available)
  • Certified for use on McElroy finning machines
IBC's Capabilities
Aluminum Alloys
1100, 1350, 1060, 5005, 6063
Copper Alloys 102, 110
Tempers Annealed or full hard
.375" to .782"
9mm to 19.8mm
.012" to .030"
.35mm to 1mm

Oscillated Coil Specifications
Inside Diameter 16" 407mm
Outside Diameter 36" 914mm
Coil Width 13" 330mm
Coil Weight 1,000 Lbs. 450 Kgs.
Packaging 2 Coils per skid
Other - One Continuous length of strip - No Welds
- Powered payoff required

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