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IBC manufactures aluminum flexible conduit and cuts it to length for use as component parts in lighting fixtures, burners, appliances, fans, and other applications.


If precision cutting of flexible conduit pieces is not your business, why make it your business? Consider your total cost of cutting flexible conduit: labor, inventory control, machinery maintenance, and workspace-it all adds up. Next, consider the quality of your finished pieces. At IBC Corporation we are outfitted to produce top quality aluminum flexible conduit pieces, cut precisely to your specifications, with clean, square cut ends for easy installation.


  • Aluminum Alloy construction (1/3 the weight of steel)
  • Precision cut to specified lengths
  • Burrless square cut ends for easy connector installation
  • Clean shiny appearance. Cleaned after cutting.
  • Highly flexible for easy installation
  • Convenient packaging to assist production and ease inventory control
  • Smooth interior for easy wire pull through
    UL Listed/CSA and UL Recognized
  • Complies with UL-1, UL Standard for Flexible Metal Conduit - file # E53858
  • Complies with CSA Standard C22.2 No. 56, file # LL 33374.


IBC manufactures many versions of flexible aluminum conduit. Specifications Link

IBC Cut-Piece Capabilities
Trade Sizes 5/16", 3/8", 1/2"
1.25" to 144", Lengths above 144" available, Please inquire.
UL UL/CSA Listed or Recognized to assure
Finish Burrless square cut ends, cleaned after
Packaging All orders are boxed, palletized and
shrink wrapped. Gaylords available.


All orders are packaged to save space and simplify your inventory control. Each order is boxed, labeled, palletized, shrink packed, bar-coded and delivered to support your manufacturing schedule. Packaging Link